Reversacol Photochromic Dyes

colourful pallettes lined up

Vivimed is a world leader in the development of innovative photochromic dyes. Under the Reversacol trade name, we manufacture and market the most comprehensive range of patented, high performance dyes available in the world.

We have 30 vibrant colours in our dye portfolio, including a unique selection of single-molecule, neutral grey photochromic dyes. For these dyes, we were awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Innovation in 2006, one of the UK Industry's highest accolades.

Reversacol dyes are sold separately as fine crystalline powders, allowing the user to formulate bespoke recipes according to their own matrix and performance criteria. Our expert team of technical service chemists are available to assist with formulation support for a wide variety of uses. .

Reversacol Product Range Table

reversacol dyes colour chart

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